“My thanks to the Mosaic Chamber Choir from Woking for giving me a lovely moment of peace at the St cement Danes Church last week” – Bill Turnbull, Classic FM

“Thanks so much for singing for us. You were absolutely amazing and I can’t thank you enough. I would recommend you to anyone.”


“Having Mosaic sing at our wedding made the occasion truly special and it was so lovely of you to surprise me with the personalised flashmob!”


“A huge thank you to Mosaic from us! You were quite honestly amazing – I caught myself holding back tears on several occasions…We were not only overwhelmed by the incredible sound you created, but also by the number of comments we had about your singing…the choir and the sweet stall were all anyone could talk about! A well-known pop producer was in the congregation and couldn’t believe how good you were – he kept asking if you were professional and saying he’d never heard a better sound.”


June 2021

I had some four happy years in Mosaic. I sang some beautiful music, pieces that stretched me musically but also exposed me to composers and genres that I wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to sing and for that I’m truly grateful. But more importantly, I was able to sing with some wonderfully talented and friendly people who were welcoming from the very start. So I hope you’ll accept this donation as a small gift – I hope it helps Mosaic at a time when amateur choral groups are all struggling in some way or another. [sic]

Mike Oakes (former tenor with Mosaic 2017 – 2021)








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